Aquarius and Aquarius – Aquarius Compatibility With Other Sings

Aquarius and Aquarius

Aquarius is the indication of friendship, which could be ideal if you were trying to find a platonic pal. But…you are not. Which means you are going to need to get pretty damn embarrassing to pass Go and input the spine-chilling seas of devotion. Intimacy isn’t your strong suit, and heavy emotions cause you to break out in hives. Even though you might have your personal genius and swami, spirituality is only an escape hatch–a method of convincing yourself that you are”over” those petty emotions which mere mortals have.

As opposed to link intensely, you compensate for charm, impish pranks or your own Obama-watt grin (he has an Aquarius rising). Trouble is, the funny-guy shtick does not work with one another. You will find far better games, to make sure–at least eleven or ten of these. Your only hope is working together on a shared diplomatic vision. Love could blossom as you shield labour union picket lines, throw paint fur-wearing fashionistas, or develop your own medicinal marijuana. At least you will have something to talk about rather than your own feelings. Subsequently…just then…you could just give this piece a opportunity.

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